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Fire Retardant For Fabrics
BURN BARRIER™ U is a clear, non-toxic, fire retardant coating for textiles made of synthetic
fibers such as nylon, and acetate blends BURN BARRIER™ U is water-based and easy to apply
by spray or dip methods. It is a California State Registered Fire Retardant (Reg.#C-00407), used
by CA. State Registered Applicators.

Fire Standards:
BURN BARRIER™ U has passed the NFPA 701 Vertical Burn Test, CA. State Title 19 Health and
Safety Code, FAA Section 25.853(b), New York BSA Cal.# 294-40-SR. and the ASTM-E84 Class
A Flame Spread Standard.

On a clean, dry, surface (uncoated), apply by spray or dip method, until fabric is saturated. Average
rate of application is approx. 150 sq. ft. per gallon. Always pre-test a sample to ensure desired
results. Dye changes and/or shrinkage may occur.

Caution: Keep Out of Reach of Children. Avoid prolonged contact with skin, and breathing of the
mist. Provide adequate ventilation when spraying. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water.

Warranty: We guarantee the standard quality of this material and its adherence to our specifications,
but we expressly disclaim responsibility for its use, it being the responsibility of the buyer to
determine whether or not the material is fit or suitable for treatment.

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