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The Cap Penetrator
Unique Fire Stop Products has developed a "unique" tool for penetrating a partition walls metal top plate. These "capped off" walls are very common in most commercial buildings. The standard procedure for penetrating these walls vary from a screw driver hole to a claw hammer, to gouge a hole in the metal top plate. Many cables have been damaged as a result of being cut while feeding through a punched cap! There are plastic bushings available for installers who will take the time to drill a hole and install the bushing. All are time consuming and in the cabling business, "time is money." This system goes is in place in 5 seconds.

Cap Penetrators list for about $15.00 and are available from our Distributors. The part # is CP-1.

Note: This System is not intended for a fire rated penetration but is designed as a tool to save time and effort. It is easily installed in the top plate of a sheetrock wall in just a few seconds and makes for a clean, neat looking cable installation!

cp1.jpg (14107 bytes)

This device incorporates a 6 inch long Sleeve that has one end sharpened so as to make it's own hole in the metal top plate (wooden caps must be drilled).  A large round flat washer is welded on to the sleeve a few inches from the top.  A plastic bushing is provided to protect cable jackets..

cp2.jpg (15138 bytes) Remove the plastic bushing and select a spot in the cap just above your cable outlet.  Place the sharpened tip against the top plate. Deliver a blow to the top of the Sleeve System with enough pressure to cause the Cap Penetrator to pierce the plate.
cp3.jpg (14737 bytes) Carefully push the Cap Penetrator down in to the wall until the washer seats against the top plate. The Sleeve is slightly out of round below the washer so that as the Sleeve seats, it will be locked in place.
cp4.jpg (14476 bytes) Replace the plastic bushing and drop your cables in the wall and down to the cable outlet.  No caulk or putty is required.  The Cap Penetrator allows for a neat and clean looking cable installation as it protects the cable jackets from damage.