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The Smooth Penetrator
The Smooth Penetrator is used in new horizontal cable installations for walls rated up to 2 hours. No caulk is required between the sleeve and the wall. Our most economical product, it makes firewall penetrations neat, clean, and efficient. This design allows for cables to be pulled through the firewall without any "attendance," even at a 45 degree angle. The sleeve acts like a roller in the wall while cables are being pulled. A real time saver!

Intumescent putty is included. Fire stopped and smoke sealed 100% of the time.

Systems available in 1, 2, & 4 inch diameters. Part #'s are: SP-1 for the 1" - SP-2 for the 2" and SP-4 for the 4" Smooth Penetrator. See Cable Load Chart for specifications.

Call the factory to order extra long or extra short systems for special applications. 24 hour turnaround! escent putty is supplied with the system.

Smooth Penetrator U.L. Listings: (NOT Part #'s)

W-L-3231 for gypsum walls rated up to 2 hours.

W-J-3109 for block walls rated up to 2 hours. **

MSDS for "Unique" Putty.

** In block wall installations, on the SP-4, the bushing opposite the direction the cables are coming from, will not be able to be installed due to the thickness of the wall and the width of the hardware. If this is a problem, call the factory.

Please Do: Fire Stopping by the Numbers!

1. You must know the hourly rating of the barrier. 5/8" fire rated gypsum is rated for 1/2 hr. / Cinder Blocks are rated at 2 hours.

2. Select the UL System (above) to match or exceed the barrier. Pay attention to cable loads and fill procedure in the Listing.

3. Go to the: CABLE LOAD CHART . Select the proper size Sleeve, based on the max. % cable fill permitted in the UL Listing.

4. Seek pre-approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (Inspector). Remember, it is approved if he says it is! Download the REQUEST FORM

5. When installing the System, be sure not to exceed the listings limitations. Read the listing.

6. After installation, fill out the label and digitally document the System for future reference.
If you follow the steps listed above - you will guarantee A H J acceptance.

Qty. System contents:

21 x 12" EMT sleeve
2 x large washers
2 x sliding lock couplings
2 x plenum rated bushings
2 x documentation / warning labels
1x "Unique" putty

Assembly Instructions

As of 01-30-2004

Up to 48 % of the aggregate cross sectional area of the Sleeve System may be filled with cables in walls rated up to 2 hours. The remaining void to be filled with Unique Putty, supplied within the Sleeve System. Find the applicable U. L. Listing for your Installation.

Disassemble the Penetrator and remove one ends bushing by loosening the sliding lock couplings and using the hardware to "slide hammer" the bushing off of one end of the Sleeve. This will prevent damage to the bushing. Be careful when installing the bushing after the Sleeve System is in the wall (it will shatter !).

If you are installing more than a few Sleeve Systems, for sheetrock, you might consider a cordless drill (with level). Use the proper sized hole saws on 6 inch bit extensions. See the cable load charts for Systems O. D.. Block walls should be core drilled.

After the penetration is made, reassemble one side and slide the Penetrator through the wall, seating the first washer against the wall. Adjust the sliding set screw lock to equalize the length of protrusion. As long as the hole is the same as the O D of the sleeve, no caulk is required behind the washers.

Go to the other side of the fire wall, slide the washer over the Penetrator and seat it against the wall. Slide the second sliding lock coupling up to the second washer. While pulling on the Penetrator, push the second lock coupling against the washer/wall until it seats. Lock down the sliding lock couplings and carefully install the plastic bushing on the end.

The Sleeve can now be used to pull your cables through the wall and on to their destination. Intumescent "Unique putty" for the sealing of our Systems are packaged with the Sleeve. For the Fill, Void or Cavity Material, refer to the applicable U. L. Listing.

System consist of: A 12 inch length of EMT, (2) large washers, (2) sliding compression couplings, (2) plenum rated bushings, a pair of documentation label and a package of intumescent putty.
sp.jpg (11211 bytes) You should use a drill with a level.  This will make your Sleeve System look nice and straight!
sp1.jpg (13579 bytes) A 6 inch bit extension for your hole bits works very well.  Be wary of what might be in the walls.

You might use one of the washers to mark your hole.  Now drill your perfectly straight hole.

sp3.jpg (11438 bytes)

Adjust the hardware to allow for equal protrusion on both sides of the wall.  Insert the first half of the System in the hole you made. There is no need for any caulk between the sleeve and the wall (behind the washers).  Go to the other side....
sp4.jpg (11308 bytes) On the other side of the wall, install the washer, sliding compression coupling and bushing. While holding the sleeve firmly in the wall, tighten the set screw on the sliding compression coupling.Now you may use the sleeve systemas if it were a roller in the firewall, allowing you to pull cables "un-attended ". his is a real time saver!
sp5.jpg (11293 bytes) Tear the intumescent putty supplied with the system in half.  You will need to apply an inch thickness to each end.  If you do not have enough putty, you may purchase a "Fill Kit".  It is an 18 cubic inch stick of putty.  Part # FK-1
sp6.jpg (11075 bytes) When the cables reach their destination, install an inch thickness of the supplied intumescent fire stop putty.  Alpha numerically ID your penetration. Be sure to fill out and apply the label.   Photograph your System !