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The Threaded Penetrator
The Threaded Penetrator™ is used in new cable installations in which the hole through the fire wall or floor has been precut such as core drilled in concrete or masonry. It is constructed of rigid conduit. These Sleeve Systems can be used horizontally or vertically. Be sure to drill for the Sleeve System's Outside Diameter!

Systems are available in 1, 2, & 4 inch diameters. Part #'s are: TP-1 for the 1" - TP-2 for the 2" and TP-4 for the 4" Threaded Penetrator. See Cable Load Chart for specifications.

** There is a 3 inch section that is not threaded. Some floors (less than 3 inch's thick) may require the use of a shim to tighten the coupling fully.

Call the factory to order extra long or extra short systems for special applications. 24 hour turnaround!

Threaded Penetrator U. L. Listings: (NOT Part #)

W-L-3233 for sheet rock walls rated up to 2 hrs.

W-L-3234 for sheet rock walls rated up to 4 hrs.

W-J-3111 for block walls rated up to 2 hrs.

W-J-3112 for block walls rated up to 4 hrs.

F-A-3019 for vertical / floors rated up to 3 hrs. **

MSDS for "Unique" Putty.

Please Do: Fire Stopping by the Numbers!

1. You must know the hourly rating of the barrier. 5/8" fire rated gypsum is rated for 1/2 hr. / Cinder Blocks are rated at 2 hours.

2. Select the UL System (above) to match or exceed the barrier. Pay attention to cable loads and fill procedure in the Listing.

3. Go to the: CABLE LOAD CHART . Select the proper size Sleeve, based on the max. % cable fill permitted in the UL Listing.

4. Seek pre-approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (Inspector). Remember, it is approved if he says it is! Download the REQUEST FORM

5. When installing the System, be sure not to exceed the listings limitations. Read the listing.

6. After installation, fill out the label and digitally document the System for future reference.
If you follow the steps listed above - you will guarantee A H J acceptance.

Qty. System contents:

1 12" threaded rigid sleeve
2 large flat washers
2 threaded couplings
2 plenum rated bushings
2 documentation / warning labels
1 "Unique" putty

Assembly Instructions

As of 01-30-2004

Determine Penetrator size and penetration point that you want to make in the fire wall / floor. Insure hole will accept the outside diameter of Penetrator to be used (example: 2" Threaded Penetrator outside diameter is 2 3/8", hole should be 2 1/2" ). Up to 48% of the aggregate cross sectional area of the sleeve may be filled with cables if system is used vertically or horizontaly for up to 2 hours. The 4 hour listing is limited to 34% cable load. The remaining void to be filled with an intumescent fill material / and or mineral wool.

Disassemble the Penetrator leaving one coupling and bushing on the sleeve at about the right depth for your fire wall / floor to equalize the protrusion on both sides. Slide the washer on the sleeve while installing the top or first side of the sleeve in the wall / floor. Push assembly firmly against wall / floor, seating the first washer. Install the plastic bushing.

Go to the other side of the fire wall / floor and slide the washer over the Penetrator and seat it against the wall / floor. Thread the second coupling up to the second washer. While holding the Penetrator, tighten by hand until sleeve is firmly in place. Install the remaining bushing on the Penetrator.

Route cable through the Penetrator and pull it on to its destination. Document the installation with the supplied warning label. Refer to for fill charts, Installation Pictorials, U. L. Listings, and Training.

System consist of a 12 inch length of threaded rigid conduit, (2) large washers, (2) threaded couplings, (2) threaded bushings, a documentation/warning label, and a package of Unique Putty. 

Pre drill the hole in advance.  BE SURE to drill to the Outside Diameter of the System you will be using. A 4 inch System will require a 4 & 1/2 inch hole minimum! Most people will drill a 5 inch hole for the 4 inch Threaded Penetrator.  

Remove the documentation warning label.

Disassemble one side of the system. Adjust the coupling, washer and bushing so that the sleeve will protrude evenly on both sides when installed.  

Feed the System in to the hole you have pre drilled. Go below and install the other half of the hardware.
The vertical application of the Threaded Penetrator requires the sleeve be packed (3 inch depth) with mineral wool batt insulation.   This keeps gravity from having any effect on the intumescent putty. This System used horizontally, needs no wool batt.
When the cables reach their destination, install an min. 1/2 inch thickness of Unique Putty per the vertical application. This System used horizontally, needs a min. 1 inch thickness of putty. See U.L. Systems in the menu above.
Fill out and install the documentation/warning label and take a photo of your completed installation for future reference.