How does fire retardant paint work?

It requires oxygen, heat, and fuel for a fire to start, otherwise known as the fire triangle. There are many ways to prevent a fire, a lot of them being human diligence, making sure that our actions don’t cause an open flame that can lead to a large fire. 

Other ways to prevent fire are preventative, like fire retardant paint. Fire retardant paints are protective, decorative coating created to minimize the spread of flames in the event of a fire

These unique paint coatings comply with fire and building codes, look and feel of traditional paints and varnishes, and give flame spread protection.


What is fire retardant paint?

Fire retardant paint is used to minimize the spread of a fire and is one of the most efficient measures to prevent fire from spreading quickly. 

Fire retardant paint is crucial in construction, especially when it comes to residential buildings since containing the fire allows for more time to escape the building in the case of a fire. 

Fire retardant paint is often mistaken for intumescent paint. While very similar, the fire retardant paint evades the spread of the flame. 

What is intumescent paint?

The intumescent paint responds when there is an increase in temperature in the building by creating a thick layer of foam and swelling that insulates the elements that cover it, suffocating and containing the fire and preventing it from damaging the structure of the building.

 Fire retardant paint reduces the flammability and combustion of any building material it is used on, but it doesn’t prevent fires from occurring. The paint can delay the expansion of a fire for a period of time and prevent it from spreading too quickly. 

There are different types of paint like fire retardant paint for timber bunnings, fire retardant paint for wood, and fire retardant paint for metal or lacquered surfaces. 

The paint can work for both indoor and outdoor surfaces and can be applied with multiple different tools like a brush, roller, or spray gun.

 How can fire retardants be used?

Fire retardants are a great way to help regulate the outbreak of a fire. They can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, and many other surfaces. But how does it work exactly? Fire retardant paints’ primary purpose is to stop or delay the spread of flames and fire over your surfaces, but how?

 When fire retardant paint is applied to a particular surface, the paint coat protects the fuel part of the fire triangle. Fire retardant paint reacts to intense heat by discharging a flame moistening gas and delays the spread of flames by 30-120 minutes, which gives you time to douse the fire or get out of the building.

 Specialized fire products can work in several different ways to protect their surface. The technology used will often be commanded by the level of fire protection required and the surface or structure the coating is intended to protect. 

Protective layer

Some fire retardant paints release gasses designed to decrease the spread of flames across the surface, and others will create a protective char layer to help defend the surface from the flame for a specific length of time. 

Some paint technology may use other successful measures or a mixture of the two previously mentioned to achieve the required protection necessary for the surface used.

 The different kinds of fire retardant paint typically need clearing from whatever approved organization you are using it in to maintain legitimacy and performance. In a public building, such as an office space, the regulations that apply to your property may be different as opposed to a residential home

Again, always check that you satisfy any building regulations to protect yourself and the building’s employees, visitors, and residents.

 How long does fire retardant paint last?

The fire-resistant capabilities of a given material can be rated from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the type of fire retardant paint technology used.

How to make fire retardant paint

First, protect your work area with a cloth and wear protective gloves. The process can get a little messy.

 Next, you will need a gallon or so of paint and Fire Retardant Coating. Depending on the type of coating you have, the measurement ratio of coating to paint will vary. Pour the gallon of paint into the clean 2-gallon bucket and mix in your additive, using a paint stirrer to blend thoroughly.

 After you have your paint mixed with the additive, all that’s left to do is paint. Make sure the area you are painting is cleaned and primed, and then apply the fire retardant paint to the surface as normal.

Help prevent fires

 Now you know how fire retardant paint works and why it’s used. Without it, fires can spread much faster and cause even more damage. 

By using a simple coat of paint, you can create a safer environment for the people around you.