Fire Retardant Product Solutions for Mineral Wool Insulation for 1-5 Hour Rated, Curtain Wall & Ceiling Assemblies

Mineral Wool ASTM E-84, Class A, Noncombustible Rated, Fire Containment & Sound Control Products

Mineral wool is known for its amazing fire rating. Mineral wool can resist temperatures above 1000°C making it an ideal choice for fire protection.

Mineral Wool ASTM E-84, Class A, Noncombustible Rated, Fire Containment & Sound Control Products – Available For Many Uses. Unequaled fire, thermal & acoustical performance, 0 Flame spread, 0 smoke developed. Outperforms glass fiber, cellulose & other insulation in many characteristics.

  • Acoustical privacy core board structural wall panels
  • Mechanical insulation, high temperature thermal applications
  • Industrial felt, multiuse, thermal fire & sound attenuation
  • Fire rated acoustical wall cavity insulation
  • Maritime insulation, new & retrofit boat & ship building
  • Bulk industrial mineral wool for packing & spraying
  • Spray-on insulation for fire protection and acoustics
  • Light fixture sound & heat protection panels
  • Metal mesh blankets for cylindrical surfaces
  • High density felt for high heat application
  • Metal mesh blankets for cylindrical surfaces
  • Noncorrosive boiler wall insulation
  • Fire door core board ASI
Echo Eliminator™ Bonded Acoustical Cotton – Economical Sound Absorbing Ceiling & Wall Panels

Material: Durable, lightweight, high performance acoustical panel made from recycled cotton.
Pattern: Soft, flat, textured surface.
Features: Economical, high performance, durable. Can be used anywhere cost effective high performance sound absorption is needed.
Applications: Schools, offices, community rooms, auditoriums, churches, gun ranges, home theaters, home studios, restaurants and equipment enclosures.
Size: 2′ × 4′, (optional 4′ × 8′, 4′ × 4′, 2′ × 2′, 1′ × 1′).
Color: Color available White, Marble Light Blue, Graphite, Light Gray, Beige, optional foil face or painted.
Flammability: ASTM E-84 Class 1-A, nonflammable.

Sound Silencer™ Ceiling Tile and Wall Panels – Durable, Moisture, Mold, Mildew and Chemical Resistant

Material: Open cell, lightweight, Porous Expanded PolyPropylene bead board. Fiber-free.
Pattern: Flat, textured open cell surface.
Features: Indoor/outdoor, lightweight, structural, impact, moisture, chemical, mold and mildew resistant, washable, tackable, paintable.
Applications: Ice arenas, swimming pools, spas, gymnasiums, boats, theaters, water treatment plants, schools, churches, gun ranges, restaurants, clean rooms, equipment enclosures, band & music rooms, car washes, correctional facilities, walls, ceilings & floors, studio or home theater. Many indoor & outdoor uses.
Size: 2′ × 4′, or optional 1′ × 1′, 2′ × 2′. Thickness: 1″ or 2″.
Weight: 1″ = 1/4 lb./sf, 2″ = 1/2 lb./sf.
Color: W = White, C = Charcoal.
Flammability: ASTM E-84 Class 1-A, nonflammable.