Burn Barrier #46081 Two Part F.R. Epoxy (2 part kit)


BURN BARRIER™ 46081 is a two component (catalytic epoxy) thermal insulating (intumescent) semi-gloss fire retardant paint



BURN BARRIER 46081 is a two-component (catalytic epoxy) thermal insulating (intumescent) semi-gloss fire retardant paint. Protect your home from fire!

BURN BARRIER™ 46081  Product Description?

BURN BARRIER™ 46081 is a two-component (catalytic epoxy) thermal insulating (intumescent) semi-gloss fire retardant paint. This product is manufactured in accordance with the United States Military Specification Mil-C-46081A. The coating is designed for use on Naval & Marine vessels, military and commercial aircraft, offshore drilling rigs, fuel tanks and storage vessels, ammunition crates, missiles, warheads, and other surfaces where it is essential to obtain the maximum thermal insulating protection under the severest of fire conditions. Surface Preparation:
Unpainted Metal Surfaces (Iron, Steel, and Aluminum) Rust, scale, grease and other foreign matter must be completely removed. Sandblasting is an effective method of cleaning. On aluminum, a chromic acid rinse is preferred. On metal surfaces, apply one coat of BURN BARRIER™ 3005 two-component corrosion resistant primer to dry film thickness of 2 to 3 mils., before applying BURN BARRIER™ 46081.

Unpainted Wood Surfaces:
On new clean, (free from dust, oil, grease and other foreign matter) surfaces such as wood, fiberboard and other surfaces, BURN BARRIER™ 46081 may be applied directly in one or two coats. For best results and appearance use Primer Sealer.

Masonry Surfaces:
BURN BARRIER™ 46081 is well suited for use on masonry surfaces because of its good alkali resistance, good exterior or interior durability and good adhesion without the necessity of etching the masonry. The coating can be applied before cement or plaster is thoroughly cured, since high alkalinity of concrete or plaster does not effect resultant film properties.

Previously Painted Surfaces:
May be applied directly provided paints sound. All loose or poorly bonded paint, dirt, oil or grease must be removed. All gloss surfaces should be lightly sanded before applying BURN BARRIER™ 46081. After surface preparation has been carried out, apply by brush, roller or spray application.

Mixing Instructions:
Mix Part “A” well; then add 1 part by weight of Part “B” to 8 parts by weight of Part “A” mix well (do not use a mechanical agitator). Local exhaust ventilation should be provided where Part “A” and Part “B” are mixed. This material is intended for spray, brush or roller application as mixed. Mixed quantities over 1/2 gallon shall stand 30 to 45 minutes before using. Smaller quantities shall stand 3/4 to 1 hours. The material shall be used within 2-1/2 hours. The “Pot Life” can be increased considerably by diluting the mixed coating up to 15% by volume with special solvent supplied by the manufacturer.

BURN BARRIER™ 46081  Application?

BURN BARRIER™ 46081 can be applied by brush, roller, airless or conventional heavy duty spray equipment. If thinning is required, use only No. 46081 Special Reducer. Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 55°F (12.8°C).

Suggested Coverage Rate:
250 to 300 sq.ft./US gallon (6.1 to 7.4 m2/L)/coat. Apply two or more coats. The thicker the dry film, the greater the thermal insulating properties.

Curing Time:
Air Dry Set to touch 3 to 6 hours, recoat 16 to 24 hours, dry through 16 to 24 hours, full hardness 3 to 7 days. The speed of cure depends upon the coating thickness, surface and surrounding temperature. High temperatures accelerate the speed of cure.

Oven Curing:
Can be oven cured at low temperatures, 1200 to 150°F(48.9u to 65.5°C) for 1 to 3 hours. Hardness after oven curing is equivalent to 2 to 3 days of air drying.

For thinning and cleaning equipment, use only BURN BARRIER 46081 Special Reducer.

Available in white, black, olive drab and most colors per federal standard BURN BARRIER™ 595a.

Standard packaging, 1 gallon kits and 5 gallon kits.

BURN BARRIER™ 46081 Precautions?

CAUTION! COMBUSTIBLE. Keep away from heat and open flame. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist. Do not take internally. Close container after each use. Use only with adequate ventilation. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Protect from freezing.

Information provided herein is based on tests believed to be reliable. Inasmuch as Fire Retardants Inc. has no control over the use or application to which others may put this material, we make no guarantee or warranty. Our products are sold on the condition that each user of the material make
their own evaluation to determine the material’s suitability for their own particular use.

NOTE: All porous surfaces should be properly sealed before applying fire retardant paint or varnish.

CAUTION: It is recommended that a test application be completed prior to end use.

The BURN BARRIER 46081 test we discussed was run on a 0.050 inch thick aluminum panel, 6 X 6 inches, placed on a 4.5 inch diameter ring stand, 2.5 inches above the top of a Fisher high temperature burner, with a blue flame 2000F+ hitting the panel. Top-side temperature was measured. An uncoated panel reached 500F in eighteen seconds, 800F in eighty seconds, and 1000F in three and one half minutes. At six minutes the aluminum melted in the center of the panel. Melting point of aluminum is 1220F. The panel with BURN BARRIER™ 46081X, applied at 50 sq.ft./gallon, reached 500F in fiftyfive seconds, 600F in two minutes, and came close to 650 at three hours. At 1/2 hour, surface of intumescence was going white, and at three hours a small amount of erosion was noticed and some cracking up of intumescence. Tests were run March 3, 1986.
By the way, MIL-C-46081. calls for 500F in over forty seconds, and 800F in over five minutes.

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