Burn Barrier 50-69CX




BURN BARRIER 50-69CX Cementitious Thermal Claddings contain no asbestos. Formulated for use on inorganic materials. Order now!

BURN BARRIER 50-69CX Product Description

BURN BARRIER™ No. 50-69C and No. 50-69CX Cementitious Thermal Claddings
contain no asbestos. They are formulated essentially out of fire inert inorganic materials;
therefore, coated surfaces will not support combustion and are fire safe. No. 50-69C and
No. 50-69CX offer an inexpensive way of affording permanent, lightweight, fire protection
to interior and exterior structural steel. They are supplied as dry materials that are mixed
with water prior to application. These mixtures form a heavy slurry, that can be spray or
trowel applied. They do not employ the use of any flammable solvents; therefore, no fire
hazard exists during application and curing. The cured materials are noncombustible and
they import a high degree of thermal insulation.
No. 50-69C and No. 50-69CX exhibit excellent bond strength to primed and unprimed
steel. No. 50-69C is designed primarily for interior application, while No. 50-69CX is used
for exterior application.

BURN BARRIER 50-69CX  Fire Protection Properties?

ASTM E-119 (UL-263, ULC-S101, NFPA-251)Structural Steel W10 X 49, four (4) hours
Structural Steel W14 X 228, four (4) hours

Peoples Republic of China, Standard GN15-82:

Structural Steel L = 6300 X H = 400 X W = 200 mm, thickness 10mm, Weighing 71
kg/meter, * 6.7 hours

*80 percent of actual time to failure. Time to failure 8.4 hours.

Mixing: (*) Use plaster/fireproofing mixer. For spray, add a maximum of 55 lbs. of water/50 lb.
bag. For troweling, use only about 42 lbs. of water. However, the water content will need to be
adjusted to suit the type of equipment used and method of application. Mix thoroughly until
uniform in consistency.

BURN BARRIER 50-69CX Application?

It can be trowel applied or sprayed. For spray application, use only equipment designed for
pumping and spraying (*) wet plaster, concrete and hi-density fireproofing materials. Spray in layers of
approximately 3/8 to 5/8 inch per layer, allow a few minutes set-up time between layers, (set-up time
will vary depending on steel & air temperature and humidity). Continue to build up layers until the
desired thickness is achieved.
Drying: Time Set to touch in 30 to 45 minutes, continues to cure to a very hard surface. The time to
obtain full cure depends upon the temperature and humidity prevailing. Normally, areas can be utilized
24 hours after application.

Maintenance Repairs: can be made easily by hand, using a trowel.
Such as: Mayco MG3O, manufactured by Multiquip Inc., Carson, CA 90749
Phone: 800-421-1244, Fax: 877-639-1461

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code requirements. As we cannot anticipate all conditions under which this information and our products, or the
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from the handling and use of our products, whether used alone or in combination with other products.

Examples of Use on Columns
Dry Weights and Thickness for No. 50-69C and No. 50-69CX
Column W10X49 (72.9 kg/m)
Kg/sq Meter lbs / sq ft
1 Hours 13.5 Kg 2.77
2 Hours 21.2 Kg 4.35
3 Hours 29.0 Kg 5.93
4 Hours 36.7 Kg 7.52
Column W14X228 [339.3 kg/m]
Kg/sq Meter lbs / sq ft
1 Hours 4.7 Kg 0.97
2 Hours 10.7 Kg 2.22
3 Hours 17.4 Kg 3.56
4 Hours 23.2 Kg 4.75
Column W10X49
Kg/sq Meter lbs / sq ft
1 Hours 22 mm 7/8″
2 Hours 35 mm 1 3/8″
3 Hours 48 mm 1 7/8″
4 Hours 60 mm 2 3/8″
Column W14X228
Kg/sq Meter lbs / sq ft
1 Hours 8 mm 5/16″
2 Hours 18 mm 3/4″
3 Hours 29 mm 1 1/8″
4 Hours 38 mm 1 1/2″
pH No. 50-69C & No. 50-69CX >11.4
Thermal Conductivity K-1.26 [btu/sq.ft./inch/hr/ F]


Product Data Sheet
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Click Here to be Emailed Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)